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One of the most important things to remember when considering the purchase of pawn shop guitars, no matter where they come from, is the price. The pawnshop can be thought of as the world’s oldest financial institution. It can be traced to ancient China, when merchants would hold collateral and heirlooms in exchange for rice. Here, we will give you a little insight to not purchasing a “pig,” as pawn shops call merchandise that can’t be sold and based on luck of an inexperienced buyer.

The biggest misconception is that pawn shop guitars are not worth what is on the sticker for it. That is true in some ways, but not in others. Sure the pawn shop will have to make their money, but remember, it’s not the product. It’s the interest off of everyone else that has PAWNED, and not sold or bought. The other side of this is that most decent pawn shops will look up your item no matter what. This saves both you and the pawn shop due to negotiation.

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