Gold Safe during economic downturn and market volatility

Why Gold?

Gold is not only valued as an ornament but the metal is also a popular form of investment in India. Most of the families treasure gold for ages passing it on from one generation to other as a form of asset. But the physical gold has the risk of depreciation and of theft. So, the best way to invest in gold is through Gold ETFs and Fund of Funds (FoFs). You don't have to invest lump sum amount at once, start with a small amount such as Rs 500 through regular monthly SIP in Gold FoFs. This will not look big in short time but over the years you will enjoy its growth potential.

Gold is worth 3-5 times more than it was about ten years ago. Don’t mail your gold to some outfit as seen on TV, not knowing how much your gold is worth or how long it will take to get a check. Stop into any of our Gems N’ Loans locations today and get a free appraisal and cash in your hand within minutes!

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Some of the gold funds such ad SBI Gold Fund is treated as a non-equity product from the tax perspective. You can claim long-term capital gains tax benefit on these funds after a period of one year of investments.