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Pawn loans are cash loans given against a collateral item, like jewelry, electronics, instruments, bicycles, and more. The amount of cash given for a pawn loan depends on the store. You have an agreed upon amount of time to repay the loan, and once the loan is repaid, your item is returned to you.

Pawn loans interest rates are considerably less than other types of cash loans. In the state of Illinois, interest rates on pawn loans are highly regulated. Rates are based on a formula that calculates the loan amount, collateral item, risk, and recourse. Because there is a specific formula used to calculate pawn loan interest rates, borrowers don’t have to worry about hidden charges. Typically, pawn loans not paid back within the agreed upon rate will default, which can result in the borrower losing the collateral item. However, certain pawn shops like Windy City Jewelry and Loan allow for the re-negotiation of loan terms, which mostly alters the length of the agreement and not the interest rates.

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No credit check

Because your loan is backed by your item, you won’t be screened for good credit.